Teas & plants for mold exposure

According to our Residen Health Coach @yourwellnessdetective, indoor toxic mold is much more common than we might think and has a significant impact on our health.
Mold illness is an inflammatory illness caused by exposure to toxic indoor molds, their harmful by-products, and other microbial toxins in water-damaged buildings. It may also be the result of fungal allergies/infections.
There are many different symptoms that can result from short term or chronic mold exposure; brain fog, memory impairment, depression, weight changes, asthma, heart palpitations, muscle/joint pain, migraines, skin rashes, intestinal cysts, painful urination, diarrhea/constipation etc…
The above mentioned teas are available at the store (or can be ordered upon request) and have been proven to help with mold when included as part of other daily practices??
‼️If you’re struggling with some of the above symptoms, and have exposure to mold or a water damage building (past/current), you can reach out to Berna and learn more about her health coaching programs for long-term relief✅✅
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